Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2016, Pages 1-67 (spring and summer) 
1. Max-Plus algebra on tensors and its properties

Pages 1-11

Hamid Reza Afshin; Ali Reza Shojaeifard

3. *-frames for operators on Hilbert modules

Pages 27-43

Bahram Dastourian; Mohammad Janfada

4. Inverse Young inequality in quaternion matrices

Pages 45-52

Seyd Mahmoud Manjegani; Asghar Norouzi

5. A note on $lambda$-Aluthge transforms of operators

Pages 53-60

Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Nabavi Sales

6. Some results on functionally convex sets in real Banach spaces

Pages 61-67

Madjid Eshaghi; Hamidreza Reisi; Alireza Moazzen